Current Projects

The Iowa Superfund Research Program (isrp) is a center at the University of Iowa.  It is funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and is titled: Semi-volatile PCBs: Sources, Exposures, Toxicities. The first four projects below are part of this center.

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Recent News Reports

Scientific American. com (April 2013): "Chemicals from Personal Care Products Pervasive in Chicago Air"

Environmental Health News (April 2013): " Chemicals on federal radar pervasive in Chicago Air"

Environmental Health Perspectives (March 2013): "Nonlegacy  PCBs: Pigment Manufacturing By-Products Get a Second Look"

Environmental Health News (December 2012):  "Dredging could unleash PCBs in Indiana community"

University of Iowa Press Release (November 2011) "UI engineers conduct residential soils study, one of few such U.S. studies ever done"

NIEHS Environmental Factor "SRP researchers quantify PCB pollution in East Chicago harbor"

University of Iowa Press Release "UI researchers find high levels of toxic PCBs in Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal"

IIHR- University of Iowa Special Report (Spring 2011) "Understanding PCBs" Story

Northwest Indiana Post-Tribune (Jan 15, 2010) “Concern over canal mud as dredge plan nears. Study finds extreme levels of PCBs, but Army Corps says alarm unwarranted” -

Des Moines Register (Dec 5, 2009) “U of I team fears PCBs may remain cause for concern”

Science News (Nov 23, 2009) “PCBs: When green paint isn’t ‘green’” - Story

Chicago Tribune (Jan 22, 2009) “Mysterious PCB found near schools.” -