The Networked Systems and Robotics (NSR) group at the University of Iowa is focused on the design and analysis of control algorithms for networked dynamic systems to realize intelligence, efficiency and safety in uncertain and dynamic environments, which integrate advanced control theory with the science of networks, communication, optimization, and graph theory. Strong emphasis is placed on both theoretic research and experimentation for addressing fundamental and open real-world technological problems.

Our research efforts are specifically focused on:

  • Distributed estimation and control of networked autonomous systems
  • Adaptive, robust, and learning control designs for nonlinear systems with uncertain nonlinear dynamics and limited sensing/communication information
  • Control and analysis of networked complex systems (e.g., social networks, cyber-physical systems)
  • Human-assisted estimation, planning, and decision-making in human-robot systems

Our aim is to make life better by significantly advancing the technologies on controls and training science-based engineers and professionals to shape the future of our society!


08/17 - Mingyu Cai joins NSR group to pursue his PhD degree. Welcome!

08/17 - Dr. Kan starts to serve as Technical Committee Member on Networks and Communications in IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS), 2017 

07/17 - Dr. Kan starts to serve as Technical Committee Member on Intelligent Control in IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS), 2017 

02/17 - Dr. Kan won Old Gold Summer Fellowship, The University of Iowa, 2017 

12/16 - Dr. Kan starts to serve as Technical Committee Member for IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Robot Systems (ACIRS), 2017 

09/16 - Baike She joins NSR group to pursue his PhD degree. Welcome!

09/16 - Dr. Kan starts to serve as Associate Editor on Conference Editorial Board (CEB) in IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS). 

07/16 - Dr. Kan starts to serve as Technical Committee Member for International Conference on Cybernetics, Robotics and Control (ICCRC), 2016 

06/16 - Dr. Kan starts to serve as Technical Committee Member for International Conference on Enterprise Architecture and Information Systems (EAIS), 2016