The Laser Materials Processing Lab (LMPL) at the University of Iowa pursues research on the advancement of material processing technology and sciences.  Active research areas include laser-based materials processing, machining, physics-based material process modeling, microstructural evolution, hybrid manufacturing processes, wind turbine manufacturing, biomedical implant materials processing and micro/nano materials processing, etc.  

The lab is directed by Prof. Hongtao Ding



At the University of Iowa, we have an immediate Research Assistantship (RA) opening for a project on wind turbine manufacturing, machining and surface treatment. We are looking for highly motivated students with background in one or more of the following areas: Solid mechanics, materials & mechanical behaviors, computer modeling (FEM, dislocation dynamics, MD, or phase field simulation), materials processing (e.g., machining), wind energy, and laser based manufacturing. PhD students in their first year or MS students who intend to continue PhD are preferred. Interested applicants are welcomed to contact Dr. Ding with a resume and a letter summarizing their research experience and research accomplishments.


Research Interns Kickoff Summer with Iowa NSF EPSCoR

Chelsey Pence, BS/MS student.


Andrew Christ, junior undergraduate.


Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Finite Element Simulation of Micromilling in Abaqus


Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian Finite Element Simulation of Dislocations in Cutting