MATLAB software

  1. l2-SToRM: Dynamic MRI using smooThness regularization on manifolds 
  2. k-t SLR: Accelerated dynamic MRI using low rank and sparse penalties
  3. HDTV: Higher degree total variation regularization
  4. Generalized HDTV : Fast implementation of HDTV regularization for 3D inverse problems 
  5. Optimized NUFFT:  Non-uniform fast Fourier transfor for nonCartesian MRI
  6. BCS/Blind CS: Blind compressed sensing dynamic MRI 
  7. GOOSE: GlObally Optimal Surface Estimation for fat water decomposition 
  8. (DC-CS): Deformation corrected compressed sensing dynamic MRI
  9. PatchReg: Iterative Shrinkage Algorithm for Patch-Smoothness MRI
  10. PRICE: Patch Regularization for Implicit motion CompEnsation 
  11. Superresolution Image recovery: Extension of FRI algorithms to multidimensional setting
  12. GIRAF: Generic Iterative Reweighted Annilating Filter recovery 
  13. R-GOOSE: Rapid GlObally Optimal Surface Estimation for fat water decomposition 

Java and ImageJ software

  1. SteerableJ: Steerable Feature Detection