Recent News

April 2017: CBIG group has presented 11 abstracts at ISMRM. See publication pages for details. 

April 2017: The Iowa MRI group and alumni had a nice get together in Honolulu, HI.

April 2017: Mathews Jacob offers a tutorial at IEEE ISBI on continuous domain sparse recovery.

March 2017: Congrats to Arvind Balachandrasekaran and Sunrita Poddar, who received the graduate college fellowship. 

March 2017: Congrats to Sampurna Biswas, who received the graduate collect post-comprehensive research award. 

Jan 2017: CBIG Alumni Sajan Lingala accepted an offer as a senior scientist at Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ

Oct 2016: Sampada Bhave joined University of Wisconsin as a Research Scientist. Congrats Sampada. 

Sept 2016: Sampada Bhave passed her PhD exam. Congrats Sampada !!  

August 2016: Greg Ongie passed his PhD exam and has stated his new life at the University of Michigan. Congrats Greg, and best wishes !!  

April 2016: Congrats Sampada for receiving the Summa Cumme Laude and Ipshita for her Magna Cumme Laude award at ISMRM 2016.  

April 2016: Sunrita received the IIBI best poster award at the research open house. Congrats Sunrita.  

Feb 2016: Mathews Jacob received a 4 year NIH R-01 grant for ungated & free breathing cardiac MRI. New post-doc & PhD positions are available.  

Feb 2016: Yasir's paper on motion compensated dynamic MRI using PRICE is accepted in MRM. 

Nov 2015: Sampada's paper on dynamic lung imaging is accepted in special issue on compressive sensing at Investigative Radiology. 

Oct 2015: Sunrita's paper on STORM is accepted in TMI. 

July 2015: Sajan Goud Lingala won the 2015 Rex Montgomery best thesis award . Congrats Sajan !!

June 2015: Sampurna's paper on low rank and sparse recovery is accepted in SP Letters.

April 2015: Greg Ongie won the best paper award for his work on off the grid image recovery at IEEE ISBI, 2015. Congrats Greg !!

Jan 2014: Yasirs paper on iterative non-local shrinkage is accepted in TMI.

Dec 2014: Yasser is in the news.

July 2014: 7T whole body research scanner arrives at university of Iowa. 

July 2014: Sajan's paper on deformation corrected compressed sensing dynamic MRI is accepted in IEEE-TMI.

July 2014: Sampada has been selected as a finalist for the student paper competition at EMBC 2014. Good luck Sampada !!  

May 2014: Merry Mani passed her PhD exam from University of Rochester. Congrats Dr. Mani !! 

April 2014: Sajan's and Merry's ISMRM abstracts received the magna cumme laude merit award. Congrats Sajan and Merry !! 

Mar 2014: Greg's and Yue's paper on generalized HDTV is accepted at TIP. 

Mar 2014: Sunrita's paper on manifold sensing has been nominated for the ICASSP best paper award. Congrats Sunrita !! 

Mar 2014: Zhili Yang passed her PhD exam. Congrats Dr. Yang !! 

Feb 2014: Chen's paper on globally optimal fat water decomposition has been accepted at MRM. The software is available. The algorithm (Konfu Panda) finished second in 2012 ISMRM challenge.

Jan 2014: The matlab codes for blind compressed sensing dynamic MRI are released. Please check the software page.

Jan 2014: Sajan Goud started his new life as a Post-doctoral fellow at University of Southern California. Congrats Sajan !!

Dec 2014: Yue Hu is selected as Associate Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology, China. Congrats Prof. Hu !! 

Nov 2013: Sajan Goud passed his PhD exam. Congrats Dr. Goud and good luck with the weather in California !!

Nov 2013: Merry's paper on accelerated HARDI is accepted in MRM.

Oct 2013: Sajan's paper on free breathing myo-cardial perfusion MRI is accepted in PMB. 

Aug 2013: Yue Hu passed her PhD exam. Congrats Dr. Hu !!