Principal Investigator

    Dr. Mathews Jacob: Associate Professor, Dept of  ECE 

Post doctoral fellows

Dr. Hemant Aggarwal: Dept of ECE 


PhD students

  Arvind Balachandrasekaran: Dept of ECE, Univ. Iowa

  Ipshita Bhattacharya,  Dept of ECE, Univ. Iowa

  Sampurna Biswas, Dept of ECE, Univ. Iowa

  Cui Chen: Dept of ECE, Univ. Iowa


      Yassir AlBaqqal: Dept of ECE, Univ. Iowa

      Sunrita Poddar: Dept of ECE, Univ. Iowa​

    Past members & Visitors

       Dr. Ankit Parekh: Dept of ECE, post-doc, currently clinical Assistant Professor, NYU 

      Dr. Sampada Bhave, PhD (2012-2016), Dept of ECE, Univ. Iowa, Currently Research Scientist at University of    Wisconsin at Milwaukee

      Dr. Gregory Ongie, PhD (2012-2016): Dept of Mathematics, Univ. Iowa, Currently Postdoctoral fellow at University of Michigan.


      Dr. Zhili Yang, PhD (2007-2013): Dept of ECE, Univ. Rochester, Currently with Big Data Analytics, Chicago, IL

      Dr Sajan Goud Lingala, PhD. (2008-2013), Currently Senior Research Scientist at Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ.

      Dr. Yue Hu, PhD. (2008-2013), Currently Associate professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China.

      Dr. Merry Mani PhD. 2012. Visitor, Currently Post-doctoral fellow at University of Iowa.


      Pham Thanh An Michel. (2015-2016), Visiting student from EPFL


      Xuan Zhou, MS student (2011-2013). 

      Dr. Ramin Eslami: Post-doctoral Researcher (2008-2011), Currently at Sony Electronics, San Francisco.

      Kashyap Satyananda: MS student (2008-2010), Currently Scientist at IBM Research.


      Rohini Shankar: MS student (2008-2010), MS student,  Currently PhD student at University of Arizona.


      Sourabh Bora: MS student (2008-2010), Currently software engineer.