Undergraduate Researchers 

The computational biomedical imaging group (CBIG) at the University of Iowa is looking for motivated undergraduate students to work on exciting projects in the area of MR imaging. The work involves programming MRI machines and collecting data at the MR research facility (MRRF) as well as developing image reconstruction software, in collaboration with PhD students and post-docs at CBIG. The facilities at MRRF include state of the art 7T and 3T human and animal research scanners. We are are looking for juniors or seniors with interests in software development and/or signal image processing. 

Post-doctoral Fellow in Dynamic MRI

The computational biomedical imaging group (CBIG) at the University of Iowa is looking for motivated and experienced candidates for a post-doctoral position. The position is supported by a four year NIH R-01 grant, whose focus is on the development of next generation cardiac and pulmonary dynamic imaging methods. The research will be conducted at the Iowa Insitute for Biomedical Imaging (IIBI),  which houses several state of the art imaging systems including a 7T whole body research MRI scanner, 7T animal scanner, and a 3T human research scanner. The candidate will develop novel algorithms and MRI pulse sequences for un-gated and free breathing 3-D dynamic imaging of the heart and lung, and validate it in collaboration with Advanced Pulmonary and Pysiomic imaging Lab (APPIL)  at the University of Iowa. The position will provide a unique opportunity to work on the cutting edge of signal processing to exploit the power of state of the art hardware in MRI and other modalities; the work will involve a good mix of theory, algorithm development, sequence programming, and validation. Potential candidates may look up our recent publications  to get a flavor for our research. The position also provides opportunuites for extensive collaboration with other imaging researchers at IIBI.

Interested candidates are requested to sent their recent CV, a brief statement of purpose, and list of references to Prof. Jacob. 

PhD positions in multi-dimensional signal & image processing 

The computational biomedical imaging group (CBIG) at the University of Iowa is seeking highly motivated candidates for multiple PhD positions in the area of multidimensional signal and image processing. Interested candidates are requested to contact Prof. Jacob for more information.